What these well-known Kiwi women really think about life goals like achieving balance

''If there's a secret recipe I'd like to know it,'' laughs Renee Wright.

By Karyn Henger and Lana Byrne
Balance in life: is it attainable? We posed this question to five well-known New Zealand women: Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern, TV presenters Renee Wright and Kanoa Lloyd, celebrity chef Nadia Lim and Kiwi actress Claire Chitham.
Like the rest of us, they juggle careers with various other roles that can include nurturer, friend, daughter and partner. Unsurprisingly, they all agreed that balance in life is not often attainable.
"We can only do our best," surmises Jacinda Ardern - and maybe in the case of motherhood our best will never equate to perfect equilibrium, she suggests.
"If there's a secret recipe I'd like to know it," laughs Renee Wright.
"I enjoy being imperfect," declares Nadia Lim.
Kanoa Lloyd encourages women to "be your own best friend", and Fresh Eggs star Claire Chitham speaks to the importance of prioritising your health.
Their answers simply highlight the fact that achieving balance is a struggle for most women - but their advice for not being hard on yourself about that is uplifting, empathetic and insightful. Watch the video to find out more.
  • Author: Karyn Henger and Lana Byrne