How to stay healthy at work

The type of job we have can have a huge impact on our health, so we’ve got easy ways to keep your job healthy.

The 9 to 5

Apart from fitting in incidental exercise, like going for a quick stroll on your lunch break or taking the stairs, try to bring in healthy snacks or scout the best healthy eats around your work – and avoid the temptation of ordering in takeaways, especially if you’re working late.

The roadie

Does your work involve a lot of travel? Take advantage of cancelled flights by checking into a hotel with a gym facility, or make the most of a long layover by getting out to see the sights if you can – you’ll burn many more kilojoules even just walking around the airport, instead of parking yourself at the gate.

The stay-at-home parent

Managing kids’ schedules is a full-time job in itself, so try cooking over the weekend when life is a bit less hectic to prepare some healthy staples for during the week, or get out and about with the kids for a hike, a quick dip at the pool or beach, or even just taking the dog for a walk.

The night shifter

Whether you’re a security guard or working at a hospital, chances are you’re sleeping during the day – and so you’re likely not getting enough vitamin D, which helps calcium absorption. Think about eating vitamin D-rich food like salmon, tuna or eggs. And to keep your body’s clock on track, think about wearing sunglasses when you leave work – by keeping your eyes shaded, your melatonin levels will remain high, priming your body to sleep at the end of your shift.

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