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Kia ora, Jay-Jay!

My sister and I were doing keto [the high-fat, low-carb ketogenic diet] together to lose weight, but it was causing some severe deficiencies for me. I stopped doing it, but my sis is still going strong and losing weight. To be totally honest, I am jealous, but I’m mostly worried about her health. She says she’s fine but won’t go to the doctor to make sure. What do I do?

Anonymous, via email

Kia ora!

I’ll keep it brief today because unless your sister becomes unwell, she probably won’t take your advice and go to the doctor. Just because keto wasn’t for you doesn’t mean it’s not good for her. The best thing you can do is be a supportive sister and if there really does become cause for concern, then insist on taking her to the doc yourself.



Dear Jay-Jay,

My flatmate has just cut all her hair off – basically a buzz cut – and I absolutely 100% hate it. It doesn’t suit her at all. I told her I love it because she’s quite sensitive, but she really, really needs to grow it out. She’s planning to get it cut again soon. Do I keep my mouth shut or should I tell her how terrible she looks?

Hair hater, via email

Hi Hater,

Awkies! Firstly, why did you lie to her? There are plenty of ways to be honest without being mean. You could have said something like, “I do prefer you with long hair, but if you like it, girl, then I’m all for it!”

At the end of the day, it doesn’t matter what you think of her hair. It’s her life and her hair. Why aren’t you celebrating inner beauty? In this day and age, we shouldn’t be judging others by the way they look. Your flatmate is still the same person and, like you said, hair grows back. You should bite your tongue on this one, hun.

Good luck, Jay-Jay

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