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10 unusual uses for mouthwash you’d never have guessed

It’s not just for keeping teeth and gums healthy.
Uses for mouthwash

Uses for mouthwash

From cleaning the bathroom to getting rid of bruises – we bet you’ve never thought of these clever ways of using mouthwash. N.B. This refers to unsweetened, alcohol based mouthwash.

1.) To neutralise and prevent bruising – apply mouthwash to the affected area. This works because mouthwash of course has antiseptic qualities, so is perfect as an at home remedy.

2.) To treat nail fungus. Mix equal parts mouthwash and vinegar, then dip a cotton ball in it and rub on the affected nail. This also works to get rid of athlete’s foot.

3.) Get rid of dandruff by mixing half a cup of mouthwash with half a cup of water and massaging it into your scalp. Rinse, and repeat this process for a few days until the dandruff is gone.

4.) Run out of toilet cleaner? Mouthwash will do the job if you get stuck. Simply put some in and let it sit for half an hour, then flush.

5.) You can use mouthwash on blisters to help them heal faster. The menthol will numb the pain, while thymol speeds up the healing process.

Mouthwash: more useful than you might think

6.) Clean bathroom tiles by mixing one cup of mouthwash with two cups of water. Use a sponge or cloth and wipe down tiles for sparkle in seconds.

7.) Keep flowers fresh for longer by adding two tablespoons of mouthwash to a large vase of water. It kills the bacteria that speeds up decomposition, so your flowers will last for longer.

8.) Give your laundry an extra special clean by adding one cup of mouthwash to a regular cycle. Especially good for gym clothes or muddy socks.

9.) As a facial astringent. If you’ve run out of your usual toner – mouthwash can be substituted. Just wipe over the face using a cotton ball.

10.) Clean glass by applying mouthwash to a damp cloth and wiping over windows. Dry with a cotton cloth.

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