Rachel Hunter on the inspiration behind her NZ Beauty of Souls tours

How the Kiwi supermodel's spiritual journey of the past two years helped heal her heart – and why she's in NZ to help you heal yours.

An exclusive interview with the Kiwi supermodel on how her spiritual journey of the past two years helped heal her heart – and why she’s touring New Zealand to help you heal yours.

Earlier this year, a series of tour dates were announced, and quickly started selling out. It wasn’t a concert, or a comedy show, it was Rachel Hunter sitting on a pillow, talking to women for two hours about what she’s learned. For a long time, she’d been wanting to do something like this but roadblocks had appeared at every turn. But inspiration struck again on her most recent trip to India and this time picked up speed. The result is the Beauty of Soul tours, the reason Rachel is now coming to a town near you.

“I want to go into school halls, I want to sit on the floor, to just talk to people and hear what they have to say, and what they’ve gone through. I just want to get out there,” Rachel says of the driving spirit behind the decision. “There’s so much I want to speak about – I literally have lists of topics.”

There’s no denying that India has been a game changer for Rachel; even if she’s aware she’s on a well-trodden path of people looking for answers – “Everybody goes to India at some point,” she laughs, with a gentle eye roll at herself.

“I always say, ‘Go and find your country,’ Go and find the country that you get lost in, where you love their ways.”

If you’re not into yoga, she laughs, no problem. “Some people want to do Under the Tuscan Sun and drink wine and eat cheese in Italy! That’s great too.”

The location isn’t important, the space to think is. Women have a lot on their plate, Rachel says, and taking time to check in and work through our issues is invaluable. As she discusses in her exclusive Australian Women’s Weekly interview, Rachel’s trips to India and the silence she found in yoga and meditation not only helped her process the grief of losing her mother but also lead to a surprising realisation about how she wanted to live the next stage of her life.

Rachel talks family, ageing and finding her purpose in the latest issue of The Australian Women’s Weekly, out now.

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