Nadia Lim on why we need to take winter breaks - and how you can take yours with her!

We're happiest when we're doing things we love, she says.

Nadia Lim believes taking a mini mind break is essential for your health.
"This can simply be a day away from work, or you can head to the beach, go for a walk or spend a night or two away if you have time."
Digitally detoxing during this time is important, she adds.
"For the break to be effective you actually need to switch off, so no checking your work emails, computer or phone," she says.
This month (on July 14 and 21) Nadia Lim and the NADIA team is hosting Healthy, Well-thy, Wise 2018: A mind, body & soul workshop.
Why not join them this winter and treat yourself to a nourishing afternoon? At this inspiring workshop, Nadia and fellow wellness experts, Kelly Baker and Annaliese Jones, will discuss their philosophies around fitness, wellbeing and nutrition, and treat you to a wholesome afternoon tea and invigorating yoga session.
NADIA naturopath Annaliese Jones, who will be sharing her wellness tips on the day, says, "Taking the time to nurture yourself is always worthwhile, whether it's a week, a weekend or just a day," she says. "I suggest booking a few mini retreats throughout the year. It may seem hard (and selfish) to find the space in your calendar, but you'll never regret it. Everyone's notion of a retreat is different, but at the heart of the idea is withdrawing, for a time, from the pressures of everyday life, whatever they may be."
"Do what makes you happy, whatever that is," adds Nadia. "You'll find you're more creative and most productive when you are out doing what you love. It's at that moment when you switch off that your subconscious seems to begin firing ideas again."
In association with event partners Dole, Yoplait, Aveeno and Ti Ora, NADIA magazine presents Healthy, Well-thy, Wise 2018: A mind, body & soul workshop.