How to burn calories by having a bath

A research breakthrough has discovered that having bath may be just as good for you as working out

It’s official: this could quite possibly be the best news since discovering that comfort food is actually good for us (pass us another slice of apple pie, please).

According to research conducted by the University of Loughborough in England, you may be able to burn as many calories as you would sweating it out in a spin class just by taking a hot bath.

In a new study carried out by the university’s National Centre for Sport and Medicine, researchers tested participants cycling at a moderate speed for 60 minutes and discovered that they burnt as many calories as someone having a soak in a 104-degree bath.

Although, while we’re all for quick wins when it comes to living our happiest, healthiest lives, completely swapping the occasional jog around the block out for a bubble bath in the name of your health isn’t exactly optimal for your wellbeing in the long run.

That’s because on top of running the risk of living a life of soggy, prune-wrinkled fingers, celebrity personal trainer and creator of the 6 Weeks To Sexy fitness program Blake Worrall-Thompson says keeping active can ward off a whole range of injuries and illnesses down the track.

“Firstly, as much as a hot bath is beneficial it won’t give you the same endorphin hit that exercising will,” he explains.

“Not only that but keeping active is amazing for your headspace, increasing your metabolic rate, helping with fat-loss – the list goes on and on and on.”

“A bath is helpful and has plenty of positive, but all these ‘hacks’ will never take away from the number-one thing: you need to do the work.”

However, what the idea of a scientifically proven healthy bath does do is make it a little more tempting to cancel your Friday night plans for an evening spent soaking in the tub (with a glass of red definitely not in hand).

Before changing your fitness routine (and taking up delightful, bubbled-filled baths full-time), speak to your GP or personal trainer first.

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