Gemma McCaw on how to be a morning person

Wake up to a brighter day.

By Gemma McCaw
For those of us who are not natural "morning people", the idea of leaping out of bed bright and early each day might feel a little daunting – especially as winter sets in.
However, training yourself to be that person is easier than you think – all it takes is a few small changes to both your mindset and routine. We can all learn to love the mornings, which will spark a
positive outlook for the rest of the day.
In fact, the way we act and feel in the morning sets the tone for the day. We are all creatures of habit, so the more you do to help you get up earlier, the easier it gets. And good habits are like bad ones –hard to break!

Early to bed

Are you getting enough sleep? Having a consistent bedtime will help you get up at the same time each day – and this applies to the weekends too. Start by shifting your night-time routine 15 minutes earlier over the course of four days, so that your body clock can adjust. After four nights, you'll be getting an extra hour's sleep a night and feeling great in the mornings.

If you hit snooze, you lose

Avoid pressing the snooze button when your alarm goes off. Instead, take a few deep breaths and put your feet on the floor. Studies have shown that successful people use the first 15 minutes of their mornings wisely, rarely hitting the snooze button.

Get your blood pumping

Make exercise your priority each morning. There really is no better way to start the day than with a healthy flow of endorphins, which leave you feeling calm and make you more productive for the day. Book in a class or arrange to exercise with a friend as it's much harder to let them down.

An organised life

Organisation is the key to happy mornings. Get all your tasks done the night before so you can make the most of your mornings. Pack lunches, prepare the next day's clothes and go to bed with a tidy kitchen – this way, you will have more time to enjoy your morning rather than rushing about.

Prioritise fun

Get up and do one thing you love. Whether that's taking a walk in nature, sipping a hot tea or writing out your daily intention – your mornings belong to you. Embrace the day with a calm and happy start.

Tune out distractions

Don't reach for your phone the minute you wake up. Stay offline as long as you can as scrolling can steer your morning off course. Phones and laptops distract you from staying present – instead, start your morning with things that are good for your wellbeing like exercise, a healthy breakfast and connecting with your family.

Find a reason to get up

Find something that gets you out of bed in the morning. Sign up for an event to train for or commit to a personal goal as it's much easier to get out of bed when you are working towards something. Our mindsets have a huge influence on our ability to pull back the duvet and get going, so instead of finding reasons not to get up, find your reason why.

Let there be light!

It's not just about setting your alarm clock, but adjusting your internal body clock. Your body has circadian rhythms and to wake up, you must expose yourself to morning light. So draw back the curtains and take in the new day.

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