Decode your dreams

Want an insight into how your subconscious is feeling? Your dreams could be telling you more than you think. We look at the seven most common dreams
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1 Falling

This represents a lack of control over a situation in your life. Consider other symbols within the dream: who were you with when falling and what do they represent to you? This dream is a sign you want to take back control of a particular situation.

2 Being pregnant

It’s less about having a bun in the oven and more about having an idea or goal for the future that’s ticking away in your subconscious. Dreaming that you’re having a baby represents the potential for a new beginning or starting something new.

3 unprepared for an exam

Usually representing an inner anxiety of not being in control. This could be a wake-up call to get yourself more organised for the future. It may also be a sign that you’re about to face a challenge that you don’t feel qualified to handle.

4 Being chased

These dreams often come around when we’re feeling under pressure. According to Rose Inserra, author of Dreams: What Your Subconscious Wants To Tell You, we should pay attention to what is chasing us. “Being chased by an animal is about not trusting your instincts, shadows commonly represent fears, while people you know will have a personal meaning to you.”

5 Death

Don’t panic! It doesn’t imply actual death, more about the end of something – e.g. a relationship or a job. Dreaming that you killed someone may mean that you’re trying to ‘kill off’ something in your life, such as bad habits, relationships or patterns. Consider what the person who dies means to you.

6 Running late

“Dreaming about running late, perhaps for a significant event or exam, is highlighting your anxiety around not feeling prepared or organised enough to achieve your goals,” says Inserra. These dreams may be a sign you need to redefine your goals to a more realistic measure.

7 Being naked in public

As with the other dreams, it’s less about the actual nudity and more about your reaction towards it. It may represent feeling like you’re on display – maybe in a new job or new relationship – and feeling self-conscious. In good news, however, if you feel positive about the nudity in your dream, it can point to having a strong self-image. Nice one!

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