Dai Henwood discusses health, meditation and dealing with rough times

We spoke to funny man Dai Henwood about his approach to wellness.

Hi Dai, tell us about your daily routine.

My daily routine changes a lot. With two young kids my wife and I alternate getting up in the morning so the other person can have an hour to themselves in the morning.

When it is my hour I meditate, do some stretching and use a shakti mat for 15 minutes.

On the days when I get up with the kids I squeeze all of the above in during the day. Practising meditation is a very important part of my mental well being.

What kind of work outs do you enjoy the most?

For exercise I play golf, run and do Grit Classes at Les Mills. I don’t really have a set pattern for any of these but like to exercise three to four times a week.

The Grit classes have been a recent favourite as they are High Intensity Training which is short and hard out, much like myself.

Health is not just about exercise though, how do you try to stay positive and mentally healthy?

Meditation is a huge part of my mental wellness. Last year I stopped drinking as it was taking away more from my mental happiness than adding. As I get older I am finding subtracting things from life provides more happiness than adding things.

I have taken up journaling this year using a thing called ‘The Daily Stoic’ journal. I have been interested in stoic philosophies as it ties in closely with Zen which is also a passion of mine.

When going through rough times, how do you try to pick yourself up and stay strong?

Rough times are a part of life. It is easy to think of life as a destination you are trying to get to: “When I have x dollars I can retire and be happy.” There is no destination in life, it is a journey.

The rough times will pass, just like the good times did. I try not to feel like a victim if things don’t go my way and just observe what is happening as though I am looking down on myself. I also eat 300 peanut slabs.

What are some things that make you feel loved and happy?

My wife and family. I am blessed to have met a person I can share life with. Our two kids bring us every emotion and really make us feel alive, and sometimes sleepless. Happiness to me is a calm steady emotion. I used to confuse it with excitement.

What brings me happiness is the kids playing together on the lawn while my wife and I potter around the house and the sun is shining. Summertime is a very happy time for me.

Do you have a positive mantra you live by?

Life is like a camera. Focus on the important things, capture the good times, develop from the negative and if it doesn’t work out take another shot.

Who inspires you and why?

Thich Nhat Hanh who is a Buddhist philosopher. His books provide a great road map for life and how to interact with all the things that make up this earth.

Also Paul Kent, he has an insight on Rugby League I can only dream of. A great journalist and provides me with insightful takes on the beautiful game every week.

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