Lorde shows her personal trainer who's boss during an intense boxing bootcamp workout

The pop star doesn’t pull any punches during the 90-minute workout session at Auckland's viaduct.

Singing superstar Lorde is a total knockout in the music charts, but it seems the 22-year-old Royals singer is now aiming for a KO off stage too!
We spotted the Kiwi pop sensation letting the punches fly at a boxing bootcamp at Auckland's Wynyard Quarter recently and it appears the two-time Grammy winner hit all the right notes.
"She was having a great laugh," says an onlooker.
"She wasn't just lightly tapping the pads. She was giving them a pretty good wallop. But I don't know if you'd put her in the ring just yet, which is a shame because then you'd have Lorde of the ring!"
Lorde – real name Ella Yelich-O'Connor – recently visited Antarctica. Nothing like a 90-minute boxing class to get the chill out of your bones!

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