3 ways to avoid an exercise rut

Are you in an exercise rut? here’s how to keep things interesting – and achieve better results.

When it comes to getting fit, your body is very good at adapting to new routines and workouts, so if you want to increase your fitness level, you'll have to change how you work out. But that doesn't mean you'll have to spend hours in the gym – these tips make it easy to boost your workout and your fitness.

Progressive overload

Progressive overload is a key part of improving your fitness. This involves pushing yourself past what you've already achieved by increasing your workout length or intensity. It means you can still do your favourite workout, just do more of it. That might be finding a longer class at the gym, going for an extra 10 minutes on the treadmill or even adding an extra block to your walk.

Improve your cardio fitness

To improve your cardio fitness, try increasing your speed. If your workout involves running, cycling or using the elliptical machine, challenge yourself to increase your overall pace over time. If strength-training is on your workout plan, look at choosing a heavier weight than you normally use, even if it's just the next weight up. Ease into it by doing shorter sets with less reps and then increasing these as your fitness level goes up.

Mix up your routine

While adding an extra level to your usual workout will challenge you, spicing up your routine will also keep it interesting. This might be meeting up with friends for a weekly yoga class, going for a bike ride to explore your city, taking up hula hooping, or reinventing date nights by going out for dinner and dancing. Doing a variety of workouts will help you increase your fitness, as different workouts target different areas of fitness, and it will also keep you on track – if you're excited about your workout, you'll be more motivated to be active.

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