15 fat-burning foods that will kick-start your 2019 weight loss goals

Add these metabolism boosters to your shopping list right now!

Losing those pesky and unwanted kilos after a big holiday of eating and drinking is probably high on your New Year's resolution list.
But even though you may have some idea of what you should be eating, mixing the right foods together and balancing everything on the food pyramid can be stressful and overwhelming.
Unfortunately, no food will magically make you lose weight - but if you know the best foods for fat-burning, you may just be one step ahead of the game!
In fact, some foods can keep your cravings at bay, while others boost your metabolism - making it work faster and harder.
Foods that are high in fibre, protein, and healthy fats break down faster than sugar (no surprises here) - so it's best to drop the doughnut and pick up something nutritious instead!
Here are 15 of the best fat-burning foods that you'll want to pop these on your shopping list ASAP!