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Everything you need to know about the DASH diet

The most healthy diet of 2018 offers plenty of health benefits - and it doesn't involve giving up your favourite foods.

By Bronte Chaperon
When the U.S News & World Report released details of the healthiest diets for 2018, we must admit, we had no idea what the healthiest diet was.
In fact, after a quick survey around the office, we found that many of us ('all of us') had never even heard of it. So you'd be forgiven for not knowing what the DASH diet entails.
The DASH diet, which tied for first place with the Mediterranean diet for its healthiness, heart-friendliness and relatively cheap cost, is very easy to follow. You may even be following the DASH diet unknowingly (which is great news for those of us who want to diet with very minimal effort).
To follow the DASH diet, check out the specifications in the video above, but you've been warned: the DASH diet recommends exercise as well as healthy eating, so if you were looking for a quick fix this may not be the diet for you.
Diet guidelines have started recommending lifestyle changes in addition to their eating plan to help you maximise results. For example, the Volumetrics diet recommends no watching TV while you eat. So if you want to get serious about your health and fitness, you're going to want to choose the diet that you can stick to (not the one that nixes your nightly Netflix habit).
We've made a list of the top 10 diets for 2018 to help you choose.
Happy eating!