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Why these wellness influencers are incorporating herbal tea into their daily routines

The Dilmah Arana herbal tea range is a revolution in simple self-care

It's easy to get caught up in the stress and business of our day-to-day lives. Self care is important to bring a bit of balance back, and incorporating a cup of herbal tea into your daily routine is a simple way to take a step back from the daily grind, and give yourself a moment to unwind.
Arana by Dilmah, the experts in tea, is a revolution in simple self-care. The antioxidant benefits of tea are well known, but Dilmah's Arana, which means "forest" in Sinhala, an official language of Sri Lanka, takes that principle to a whole new level, inspired by Ayurvedic traditions that are almost 3000 years old, to create an exciting evolution of herbal tea.
Nutritionist and Foodie Influencer Kathy Xu loves how a cup of tea helps her to wind down.
"I am a lover of routines, and even something as simple as brewing a cup of tea is a way to signal to my body to relax. The new Dilmah Arana tea range contains a blend of spices like ginger and cocoa - inspired by traditional Ayurvedic approaches to wellness. To be enjoyed at any time of day when you need a moment to slow down."

Health and wellness influencers Emily and Sophie Martin (better-known as @tasty.twinns) are fans of the Digestive herbal tea to wind down at night, and find that the Digestive tea helps soothe and support their body and mind, which they find perfect for a late-night self-care moment.

Runner, mother (and boss babe) Freina Sands also enjoys a digestive tea. She says "time for tea has never been so good. Reducing inflammation is always on the forefront of my mind when it comes to recovery", and that as the Digestive tea is loaded with Coriander and Red Rooibos, this makes for a potent antioxidant, as well as support cell rejuvination.

Lifestyle influencer Ariana Omipi has incorporated the Detox tea into her daily routine, and says "my evening routine has become something I've been prioritizing lately as a form of self-care". Ariana's nighttime routine is a cup of tea, followed by her skincare regime and journalling, a great combo to allow her to wind down and reflect on her day.

Available at all supermarkets. For more information on the Dilmah Arana herbal tea range, head to the Dilmah website

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