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Apparently we’re all ‘too busy’ to eat healthy and exercise

But not too busy for chocolate and The Crown.

British research has discovered that millions of people think they’re “too busy” to be healthy.

Sound familiar? Well, a study undertaken on behalf of Mindful Chef has discovered that most reckon they don’t have time to be healthy.

A survey of 2000 adults found that over half desperately want to eat healthily and exercise, but blame their hectic lifestyles on their laziness.

Two thirds of British adults say they eat “badly” because they don’t have time to prepare more nutritious food, and a further 75 per cent reveal that they skip meals for the same reason.

Three quarters of people avoid going to the gym due to a hectic life, and more than a fifth admit to having cancelled a gym membership because they’re just too busy to attend any sessions.

One third of people don’t have time to plan ahead with their meals, and six in 10 say they find it difficult to feel inspired by recipes that are more nutritious than what they would normally go for.

Another 68 per cent said they would choose an unhealthy meal over a more nutritious one simply because they believe it’s quicker to prepare, and more than half have skipped a main meal of the day because they haven’t had time to do a food shop.

Shockingly, people skip on average 136 meals a year due to being busy.

We wonder what the stats say about Kiwis!

Via Closer.

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