Riverdale actress opens up about why she's done with dieting

KJ Apa's Riverdale co-star, Camila Mendes, says she's done obsessing over food.

Riverdale's Camila Mendes shared her struggles with dieting and body image in a powerful post on Instagram this week.
Aside from being the sassy and confident Veronica Lodge on Riverdale, she has also been a vocal advocate for those who struggle with eating disorders.
She wrote about how she recently spoke to a naturopath about her food anxiety and obsession with dieting. She said it used to "consume" her and that she "refused to make room in [her] mind for any other concerns."
She focused so much on dieting and with the idea of being skinny that she didn't allow her mind to focus on "all the pastimes that brought me joy."

She used the hashtag #DoneWithDieting and tagged Project HEAL, a non-profit that provides support to people suffering from eating disorders.
Mendes has always been open about her experience with mental health since being in the limelight and announced her partnership with Project HEAL back in October.
She has also openly spoken about her decision to see a therapist and her experience with being in the entertainment industry while recovering from an eating disorder.
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