How to beat the winter blues

If you feel lower than usual during the winter months, you're not alone.

How the beat the winter blues
The 'winter blues' has no single source. Experts suggest that it could be caused by a number of different factors: lack of sunshine, sedentary lifestyle, changes in our circadian rhythm or poor eating plans.
Whatever the cause, experts agree that we may be able to help beat the winter blues by eating healthily.
An eating plan based on fresh vegetables, fruit, wholegrains, protein, and small amounts of sugar and fats may help to boost your sense of wellbeing in the colder months – and all year round!The health of the digestive tract is an important factor in our overall wellbeing. A simple way you can help to support digestive balance this winter is by eating foods that contain nutrients to support gut health, such as calcium and dietary fibre. Calcium supports digestive enzyme function while fibre will help keep you regular.
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A very simple step you can take to help support your digestive balance is eating Symbio™ Probalance™ yoghurt. Symbio contains billions of DR10™ natural probiotics, plus calcium and fibre, to maintain digestive health when consumed as part of a balanced eating plan. Symbio yoghurt is delicious with cereal, over fresh fruit or simply as a tasty snack on its own.
By taking simple steps to look after our wellbeing this winter, we might just be able to help beat the blues before they start!

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