Five of the best period trackers

No one likes to be surprised by that 'time of the month.' Always be prepared with one of these nifty menstrual cycle tools.

period tracker
Rated as super easy to use, accurate and interesting, Clue tracks your cycle and tells you when you'll be on your period, when your fertile window is and when you can expect to feel a little crappy (cheers, PMS). It also allows you to personalise your period so that in future you'll know what to expect on certain days. You can input your mood and how heavy your flow is, so the app can get into the rhythm of your body.
Period Diary
This super-girlie ovulation tracker allows you to track your fertility and periods, while also being very specific about symptoms. With everything from cramps, constpiation, backache and acne covered, you can keep a record of how your cycle affects you and what to expect day to day.
Tipped as one of the best fertility apps out there, this ovulation tracker looks seriously scientific. "Trusted since 2011" this app helps you understand your cycle, and the changes it causes.
My Cycles Period and Ovulation Tracker
While this offers the standard cycle tracker like other apps, it also gives you access to a whole host of women's health message boards where you can ask advice and share your worries.
Period Tracker
This is the "discrete" period tracker that won't seem obvious if others are on your phone. You can track all the usual stuff, while also picking pleasant backdrops that don't scream menstruation,