Dr Libby's tips for beating stress

In this exclusive video, Dr Libby Weaver tells us her top 5 well-being tips for a healthier life.

From stress headaches to PMT to that depressing feeling that our clothes are getting tighter, we've come to accept that our bodies will regularly throw us challenges to work around.
Often we'll find a short-term solution: be that popping a painkiller, putting up with the mood swings or grudgingly going up a dress size.
But Dr Libby Weaver, who has dedicated the last 18 years of her life to helping women feel better, says that doesn't need to happen.
"I want people to shift the way they think about their bodies – to see it as this most extraordinary friend and because it doesn't have a voice it will give us these symptoms to let us know if it's happy or not," says the biochemical nutritionist.
"It's your body essentially asking you to make some different choices – to change the way you eat, drink, move, think, breathe, believe or perceive."
In her new book, Women's Wellness Wisdom, the bestselling author wants to enable women to make better choices by providing them with a deeper knowledge of how their bodies work and the tools they need to start making changes.
In keeping with her holistic approach to wellbeing the book is broken down into four pillars: Eat, Body, Mind and World.
In her exclusive Good Health Choices cover story, she talks about where we sometimes go wrong and how we can turn things around. For more from Dr Libby, check out the October issue of Good Health Choices.

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