How to cool yourself down and beat the heat so you can sleep

If the heat keeps you up at night, try these tricks to cool down.

Spritz yourself
Fill up a spray bottle with water and keep it in the fridge to grab before you go to bed. That way, if you wake during the night with a bit of a sweat on, you can spray yourself with cool water to help bring your body temperature back to normal. If you need an extra chill factor, turn the fan on after you've spritzed!
Cool off with a little aloe
In the same way aloe vera soothes sunburn, its cooling properties make it the perfect topical cream to apply before bedtime. For the best results, store yours in the fridge so it's super-cold when you apply it to your skin.
Cold-water bottle
Make use of your hot-water bottle in summer by repurposing it as a cold-water bottle. Simply fill with cool water and pop it in the freezer to collect before bed – it's the perfect ice pack!
DIY air-conditioning
If you don't have air-con, an easy way to cool down quickly is to pop a bowl of ice cubes in front of a fan. As the ice melts, the fan will blow a nice crisp breeze across the room. Too easy!
Try a tepid shower
An ice-cold shower before bed sounds tempting in hot weather, but it has the opposite effect as your body overheats to compensate. Instead, opt for tepid water, which will lower your body temperature.
Exercise in the morning
Working out in the evening can wreak havoc with sleep. After exercise, our body temperature rises, our heart rate spikes and adrenaline pumps through the body. Allow at least two hours after working out before bedtime and cool down slowly. When you jump in the shower afterwards, make it tepid so you don't overheat!

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