7 simple self-care ideas for busy mums

Because we all need some 'me-time'.

Being a mum is a full-time job, and a very tiring one at that! That's why it's extra important to take some time out of your busy schedule to indulge in some much-needed "me time." If you don't, you could be in danger of burnout — a state of physical and emotional exhaustion. So, make sure you avoid the burnout in every aspect of your life by following our simple self-care tips below.

1. Unwind with a book

Escape the stresses of daily life and looking after the kids by getting swept away in your favourite book. When the kids are at school, having a cat nap, or eating dinner, take yourself away for ten minutes of well-deserved reading time.
Reading before bedtime has been said to help reduce stress and make you fall asleep faster, so the evenings are also a wonderful time to read.

2. Look good to feel good

Taking care of your appearance can help you to feel more confident and happy within yourself, because when you look good, you feel good, right?

3. Take a bath

Your body is a temple, so when the kids are asleep, run yourself a relaxing bath filled with muscle-soothing salts to treat any aches and pains. If you really want to unwind, then you can light some scented candles and play some soft music in the background. Baths are also a great time to catch up on your favourite podcasts or audio books.

4. Learn to say no

As a mum, you can often feel like you're pulled in a million different directions trying to please everyone in the family. You might even feel guilty about saying no to certain requests from family members, children, or friends. But you shouldn't! It's okay to say no sometimes, and to not take on extra work. Remember to look after yourself as much as you look after others around you, or you could be in danger of burning out.

5. Check in with a loved one

Take some time out of your day for a coffee with your BFF, call your mum, or meet up with someone you haven't spoken to in a while and have good old chat. Talking through any changes in your life, swapping stories about the kids, or just having a good vent can be a great way of releasing any pent up frustrations and reconnecting with the important people in your life.

6. Start a journal

Take a moment to pause by writing in a journal every night. Writing is very reflective and people say it's often like therapy. It can really help you to control any emotions you may be feeling and therefore help you preempt a burnout. You can either write down how you're feeling, or you can take a few minutes to note every thing that has made you feel happy or grateful that day.

7. Indulge with a takeaway

Always busy cooking meals for the kids? Hardly ever eat what YOU want to eat? Then it's time you treat yourself to a little guilty pleasure and order your favourite takeaway! Once the kids are asleep, order your favourite meal, sit back and whack on a feel-good film. Welcome to the perfect night in.
Via our sister site Closer.