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Woman loses almost half her body weight in less than a year

What an incredible transformation.
Weight loss woman

Weight loss woman

A woman from Illinois, US, has lost almost half her body weight in less than a year, and documented her stunning transformation along the way.

When Jessica Weber weighed 174kg, well above what’s considered healthy, she realised that something had to change.

Following a diet of potatoes, pasta, meat and starches throughout her youth had seen her weight balloon.

“The extra weight affected my life with how I was looked down on for my weight gain being since that I started so young,” she has said.

“It also affected my life in making friends because I lacked the confidence.

“I wasn’t happy, I would pretend to be okay with it though.”

In January 2016, the 22-year-old underwent a vertical sleeve gastrectomy – that removed a large portion of her stomach, but the battle wasn’t over.

Once her recovery was complete, Jessica had a long road ahead of he – changing her diet and lifestyle to help her lose the extra pounds.

Now aged 23, Jessica has lost over 60kg in under a year – and she looks fantastic.

On her Instagram page, Jessica has been documenting her weight loss journey which isn’t over yet – she wants to reach a comfortable 68kg.

At 103kg currently, Jess still has some way to go, but is well and truly over the halfway mark.

“I feel sad because I feel like I wasted years of my life, but now that I’m losing weight I feel more confident and am out doing a lot more so I feel like I’m getting my life back.”

As well as sharing amazing transformation photos to her Instagram account (showing how clothes she wore as t-shirts now fit her as dresses), Jess also shares her healthy meal inspiration to help others on their journey.

Lean proteins, fruit and salads now fill up her timeline, rather than the starchy comfort food she grew up on. You can follow her journey on Instagram here.

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