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Toddler saves father’s life after he slips into coma

The three year old has been praised for his quick thinking actions.
Diabetic coma

Diabetic coma

A three-year-old toddler has saved his father’s life, thanks to his quick-thinking actions.

Dad Mark Jones, 34, had fallen into a diabetic coma after his blood sugar levels plummeted to a dangerous low.

But thanks to his son, Lenny-George, the dad has lived to see another day.

The quick-thinking toddler used a chair to climb up to the fridge, grab a Muller Crunch Corner yoghurt from the fridge, and seek out a plastic knife – as he was unable to reach the cutlery drawer.

Using the knife he force-fed yoghurt into his dad’s mouth, until his father came to and managed to take a glucose tablet to stabilise himself.

Mark, who has type 1 Diabetes, has to take insulin four times a day. But after his blood glucose levels suddenly plummeted (called hypoglycaemia) when his partner had popped out, it fell upon his son to save him.

Lenny’s mother Emma said her son’s actions were all the more remarkable, given that no-one had ever formally explained his father’s condition.

She instead said her son must have seen her feed Mark something from the fridge when he was looking unwell, and put two and two together.

Adults who are experiencing hypoglycaemia will usually appear shaky, sweaty and clammy, and will often be confused and dizzy. They can also report feeling hungry or having a fast heartbeat.

Diabetes New Zealand recommend a three step plan for adults who might be experiencing hypoglycaemia.

1.) Eat or drink one serving of a quick acting carbohydrate. They suggest the following options:

a. 4-5 Dextro Energy Tablets

b. 4-5 Glucotabs

c. 7-8 Jelly Beans

d. 3 Teaspoons of Glucose powder or sugar in water

e. A small glass of fruit juice or sugar sweetened soft drink (not diet)

f. 3 teaspoons of honey or jam

2.) After 10 mins, take the blood sugar level again – if it is still less than 4mmol/L eat another serving of the above.

3.) Once your blood sugar is above 4mmol/L follow up with a more substantial carbohydrate. If it’s mealtime, eat a full meal. Alternatively have a snack such as:

a. 1 glass of low fat milk

b. 1 medium raw fruit

c. 1 small tub of law fat yoghurt

d. 3-4 crackers

e. 1 slice wholegrain bread as a small sandwich

They also advice making sure family and friends know the signs of a hypo and how they can help you. If you experience one, always ask yourself what led to you becoming hypoglycaemic and take steps to prevent it happening again.

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