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This is the main reason women are working out – and it’s not because they love it…

It seems many of us have an ulterior motive behind our daily sweat sessions.

There are some lucky people who go to the gym because they actually enjoy it, but for some of us it’s a massive hassle we’d rather do without.

But a study, commissioned on behalf of snack company Yushoi, has found the real reason why women are making themselves exercise.

Almost four in 10 women admit they adopt a credit-debit approach to their gym regime – working out so they can have free reign on what they eat.

Instead of exercising purely to get fit, millions of chocolate and wine-loving women hit the gym to ‘earn’ the right to indulge in their favourite calorific foods.

And 38 per cent went as far as to say being able to eat what they want is the main reason they exercise.

Four in 10 even said they wouldn’t agree to a night out with friends without first going to the gym to compensate for it.

But women aren’t alone – just over a third of men also admit to going to the gym just so they can enjoy a more calorific diet.

Top food women work out to ‘earn’ and the amount of time spent exercising for each one:

  1. Chocolate – 19 minutes

  2. Cake – 19 minutes

  3. Pizza – 21 minutes

  4. Chinese takeaway – 22 minutes

  5. Chips – 17 minutes

  6. Wine – 17 minutes

  7. Curry – 21 minutes

  8. Beer – 17 minutes

  9. Biscuits – 16 minutes

  10. Fish and chips – 22 minutes

Via Closer.

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