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Start your day the right way

Stressed? It’s not even mid year and some of us are already feeling the pressure. Here’s one simple way to make time for yourself.

Stress can play havoc with our inner wellbeing, and while many of us are back in the routine of work and everyday life, we’re finding that the stress is back too.

So, before the clean slate you began the year with is filled with work and family commitments, there is a simple way you can make a difference to your wellbeing: start the day with a balanced breakfast.

Health experts remind us that breakfast is the most important meal of the day – but it’s not always easy to prepare a nourishing breakfast when you’re on the go.

An easy way to begin a new breakfast habit is with Symbio™ yoghurt. Each serve of Symbio contains billions of DR10™ natural probiotics, plus calcium and fibre, to help maintain digestive health.

Symbio yoghurt is delicious with cereal, over fresh fruit or simply on its own – and a single serve a day is an easy step you can take to help support your digestive balance.

Take a moment for yourself by eating a healthy breakfast. It’s a simple way to help beat stress and get a good start to your day.

Take the time for breakfast

• One 150g serve of Symbio Probalance daily is a simple way to help restore your digestive balance.

• For a breakfast on the go, fill small mason jars with alternating layers of Symbio, fruit, muesli and nuts to help provide fibre and calcium for digestive balance. Make it the night before and take it to work.

• If you’re in a hurry, reach for Symbio Pouring Yoghurt for a refreshing drink or pop some in your blender with a banana, honey and grated ginger for a delicious smoothie.

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