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Saggy boob positivity movement resonates with women everywhere

Saggy breasts deserve love too!

There’s a new body positivity movement making the rounds on social media, and it’s empowering women to cancel planned breast surgeries, or abandon any intent of changing their bosom completely.

Called #SaggyBoobsMatter, the movement was started by 23-year-old Chidera Eggerue – who proudly announces that she used to resent her drooping chest but now is encouraging women to embrace their breasts no matter the shape.

Speaking with an English daytime TV show, Eggerue disclosed that she started the hashtag in a bid to challenge the constant representation of perfect breasts in the media; and explained that, “as much as I believe women deserve absolute agency over their bodies and if they want to get a breast augmentation that is completely up to them, I do feel, however, that a lot of the time it’s a short cut to accepting yourself.”

While the movement has confronted some, Eggerue confirms she has had an amazing response: “Specifically from very young teenagers who have told me that when they had come across the hashtag it had stopped them attending a consultation with a plastic surgeon, which was amazing to hear.

“What’s been even more heart-filling was receiving messages from breastfeeding mothers, [who said] that this hashtag has allowed them to feel more beautiful during the process of breastfeeding their child.”

Further speaking with Buzzfeed about #SaggyBoobsMatter, Eggerue added: “By force, we will all have to learn that the only way to normalise something is to see it repeatedly. So if you have an issue with saggy boobs, you have to ask yourself why a person’s body offends you.

“For the women who look like me: Your saggy boobs matter. And from now until you die, what’s going to matter, ultimately, is your character. Sometimes people are scared of what they haven’t been taught to accept. We still have to exist loudly, though.”

Via Beauty Directory NZ.

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