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How evolved are you?

Now you can see just how evolved you really are.

Now you can tell just how evolved you are

Ever thought you were definitely more evolved than your other half, friend or co-worker? Well now you can actually put this to the test, thanks to this new video.

As humans evolved, some of us lost things we no longer needed for daily survival (i.e.tails.)

But some of us retained certain remnants of our evolutionary past, including 85% of us who kept a special tendon in our forearm.

The tendon, which was useful for primates to swing from limb to limb through the treetops, has no purpose for modern humans, but nonetheless many of us still retain it.

And by pinching your thumb and forefinger together and looking at the underside of your forearm, you can see if you have the tendon or not.

For those that don’t – congratulations – you are officially more evolved just like 10-15% of the population.

Watch the video in full on Vox

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