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The free, life-saving app you need to download right now

It can spot skin cancer within 20 seconds.
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Did you know that around 300 New Zealanders die of melanoma every year?

This shocking statistic serves as a harsh reminder that not only is it important to be sun safe this summer, but to also get regular skin checks not only from a skin specialist or your GP, but as of this year, a revolutionary new melanoma detection app.

The SkinVision app allows people to take pictures of their suspicious-looking spots, and then the app will analyse it, before giving you an instant risk assessment (if the spot ranks high, you’re advised to visit a skin specialist immediately).

The other top feature of this app is the ability for it to track changes of any mole; just save the first picture of a spot you have analysed and then share this picture with your doctor every time you get a routine skin check.

The brilliance of this app has already saved the life of Marie Stantiall, a Kiwi who received a high-alert notification after uploading a picture of a dark spot on her leg to the app.

“When I went to my doctor, she removed it straight away and she noticed another lesion near my collarbone and removed that too,” Marie told the New Zealand Herald.

The SkinVision app is available for free in New Zealand on both iTunes and Google Play.

No person should solely rely on this app; it’s important to book in regular skin checks with a skin cancer specialist.

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