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How to get your feet prepped for party season

Get prepped for a summer of fun and kick up your heels with Scholl Party Feet!

The silly season is officially here, which means summer racedays, beach weddings, Christmas parties, cocktail parties and end-of-year work dos are about to become standard fare.

And while rocking a great heel at each and every event is a non-negotiable, sometimes our style choices can sacrifice comfort. This party season, make your go-to party shoes work better for you with Scholl Party Feet™ – the comfort solution for all your summer soirees!

We’ve all been there – dying to take our shoes off but stuck in uncomfortable footwear until the party’s over.

The balls of our feet bear a lot of our body weight when we’re walking and wearing high heels increases this pressure, creating a burning sensation, pain or discomfort. Scholl Party Feet™ Ball of Foot Cushions help prevent burning pain in the balls of your feet by cushioning the area. Burning pain on the ball of the foot can occur when wearing high heels for extended periods of time.

Clear and discreet, Scholl Party Feet™ Ball of Foot Cushions provide soft effective cushioning and are designed not to slip in your shoe. Not just for heels, you can also use them with any flat shoes, sandals or boots.

And if you want to help prevent your shoes from slipping, Scholl Party Feet™ Heel Shields are your new best friend. These soft gel cushions help prevent your shoes from rubbing and slipping – the reason for sore heels – the shields stay firmly in place to provide all-day cushioning protection.

Slim and discreet and shaped for a comfortable fit around the heel, they can also be used to cushion the inside top of a closed-toe shoe.

TLC for feet

Three simple steps for beautiful feet, every day of the week:

1. Step out in style after a treat with Velvet Smooth™ Electronic Foot File – a quick and easy to use at-home experience that leaves you with feet you’ll want to show off!

2. Relieve rough, cracked skin and keep your heels in good condition with Scholl Eulactol Heel Balm Gold.

3. Spray your tootsies with Scholl Fresh Step Antiperspirant Foot Spray before you leave home – it’ll help keep them smelling fresh.

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