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Cannabis warning as use causes man to develop lesions on arteries

Despite many often believing it has a lack of side effects, repeated Cannabis use has reportedly caused one man to develop a dangerous condition.
Cannabis use linked to lesions on arteries

Cannabis use linked to lesions on arteries

An Australian man, who is 26, has developed Cannabis Arteritis – a rare condition that causes lesions on the arteries.

It can culminate in lower limb amputation if severe enough, though in this case it appears the patient has been treated using surgery and other drugs.

Details of the man’s condition were presented at the Annual Scientific Congress in Brisbane by Dr David Soon.

He said: “Although this is a rare condition, this illness should be known and made aware to physicians around Australia,” Dr Soon said.

The doctor said this was especially important considering the legalisation of medicinal cannabis, and the increase in general usage amongst the population.

“One important observation from these cases is that the patient has better prognosis upon cessation of cannabis consumption,” he said.

“Due to the increase in cannabis usage and the legalisation of medicinal cannabis, awareness of this condition is important and may become a growing problem in the future.”

More than a thousand surgeons from the Royal Australasian College of Surgeons, as well as those from the Royal College of Surgeons of England, are attending the Congress this week.

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