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Ask the doctor: How getting healthy can make your skin, hair better

Regenerative medicine expert, Dr Frances Pitsilis shares why sleep and exercise really can help your skin look better.

We all know to feel healthy we should eat well, exercise enough and get eight hours of sleep each night.

But how much do these things effect the way we look?

In the latest in the Ask the Doctor video series, Dr Frances Pitsilis shares some easy ways improving our internal health can help our eyes, skin and hair.

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Dr Pitsilis is a regenerative medicine expert, who has appeared on numerous television and radio shows.

She may be a familiar face to many readers, having fronted the 10-episode TV One series Is Modern Medicine Killing You?, and each week, Dr Pitilis will give advice on common medical problems here at the Weekly.

Dr Pitsilis is currently giving consultations for a new digital TV series – she is looking for patients with chronic illnesses and conditions that have not responded to treatment in age group of 15-45 years and are willing to be filmed. The selected patients will receive free consultation to the value of $1400 for Weekly readers.

If you are interested, email [email protected]

For more from Dr Frances Pitsilis, visit her website here.

Always consult your GP or medical practitioner before embarking on changes to your health routine.

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