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5 natural hayfever remedies

Naturopath Erika shares her natural relief for hayfever to soothe those pesky spring allergies.

1 Baikal skullcap

Baikal skullcap

This plant, which hails from high- altitude places such as Siberia and Mongolia, is known to have immune-regulatory properties. More specifically, it has anti-allergy and anti-inflammatory benefits, and is thought to suppress histamine release within the body when we come into contact with an allergen such as pollen. It’s typically taken in tablet or liquid form.

2 Ginger


This plant has antihistamine, anti-allergy and anti-inflammatory properties. It has great immune-support properties too. Drink it in a tea, take it as a tablet or add it to your morning juice.

3 Bupleurum


This East Asian herb boosts immunity as it relieves hay fever symptoms. In traditional Chinese and Western herbal medicine, it cools the body and calms upper-respiratory congestion. Its analgesic properties can relieve mild sinus pain. It’s usually prescribed as a tablet combined with other herbs.

4 Liquorice


Liquorice root supports the immune system. It helps soothe inflamed mucous membranes and has great anti-inflammatory properties. It also supports your adrenal glands, helping relieve fatigue associated with allergies. It’s formulated with other herbs in tablet or liquid form, or in licorice tea.

5 Pinellia


This anti-allergen suppresses hayfever, dries mucus and reduces coughing. Take it in tablet or powder form.

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