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27 questions with wellness blogger Makaia Carr

We'd love to know what she chose NOT to say about what she'd be arrested for!
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Influencer and wellness blogger Makaia Carr made headlines in 2017 when she published ‘before’ and ‘after’ shots of herself in which she was 20kg heavier in her ‘after’ shot. She said she’d never been happier.

Makaia had developed her fitness business, Motivate Me, which she has since sold, around encouraging others to stick with their fitness regimes, but a turning point came for her, she told Good Health Choices, when she watched a documentary, Embrace, about body loathing.

“It made me feel guilty about what mesages I’d previously been sending on social media.”

Now her focus is self-love and using her voice to share positive body image messages.

In this video we see a relaxed and happy Makaia revealing some very interesting answers to our quickfire questions.

We’d love to know what she chose to NOT tell us about what she’d be arrested for. Her story about her first tattoo is hilarious.

Makaia also reveals where she sees herself in 10 years’ time, what her pet peeve is, the fashion trend she most regrets and what she wanted to be when she grew up.

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