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Augustine’s owner and designer takes on New Zealand Fashion Weekend

Celebrating a new store, two special birthdays and putting together Augustine's sellout NZFW show, Kelly Coe tells us how she plans to pull-off her busiest day yet.

By Jessica-Belle Greer
We are weeks away from New Zealand Fashion Weekend. What’s it like in your workroom at the moment?
It’s always super busy in our office, so nothing has changed really. We are busy shooting our winter collections for next year as well as putting our catwalk looks together for Fashion Week, so we have samples literally everywhere.
We are also opening a new shop on Thursday in Wellington so it’s a crazy time.
What can we look forward to seeing at your show this year, can you give us any hints as to what we’ll see walk down the runway? Any tricks up your sleeve?
It’s a really busy show, we are showing five different labels so it’s kind of like a group show in one.
Each label will have a different look with different lighting, music and visual effects - all leading up the grand finale of the Augustine collection, which will involve a lot of glitter and fun.
One of the five labels we are showing is our new label Amaya that no one has seen yet - so that’s exciting.
You have one sentence – describe the inspiration behind the Augustine collection.
Colour, fun, sparkle, excitement and cocktails at sunset.
What is your NZFW go-to outfit?
Everyday is a completely different look. I have all the summer samples and next winter samples in my office at the moment so I can mix it up between cute floral dresses and more wintery wide leg pants with mustard floral shirts tucked in.
What are your beauty or wellbeing tips for surviving one of the busiest weeks in the year?
I get a good blow wave at the start of the week, which means I can go a few days without having to redo my hair, which saves so much time.
I'd say drink lots of water, but I never actually do. And I try to get a lot of sleep, but I have a baby so that just never happens.
How big of an undertaking is a show at NZFW? How long have you been working on your showcase?
There are model castings, music and lighting to sort, hair and make-up looks to decide on with the make up team, goodie bags to put together and tickets to get out.
We sold out our show in a day so it’s not been an issue to have to sell the tickets - and it’s all allocated so that saves time on a seating plan.
Do you have any pre-show rituals to get you ready?
No, I just race around like a crazy lady until it’s over – then have some wine.
How do you plan to unwind once it’s all over?
There will definitely be wine. And our show is on my baby Havana’s first birthday, which is also my husband Nathan’s birthday, so we will have to somehow fit in cake, presents and bubble blowing for them.
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