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The magazine team experts see their fair share of products - and they are all particularly fond of these.

Megan Bedford, Beauty Editor, The Australian Women’s Weekly

Palmolive Luminous Oils feels super-nourishing for my skin.

I’m a big fan of using botanical oils in my skincare routine, particularly for cleansing. It absolutely made sense for a body wash to be infused with them! Palmolive Luminous Oils is easy to apply and lather. The beautiful scent made using it a pleasure and it lingered on my skin for hours afterwards. Peony is a note used in quite a few fine eau de parfum fragrances, so it feels special to have it in a body wash.

I’m all about elevating those everyday things to make them a little special, and with a busy life and family, time in the shower is a small escape from the demands of the day.

Spending on any type of indulgence isn’t easy when you have other priorities, so it’s nice to feel you’re “treating yourself” – even better when it is such good value!

Penny Lewis, Lifestyle Director, New Zealand Woman’s Weekly

Palmolive Luminous Oils lets you save time on your “me time”

Stepping out of the shower with clean skin that already feels rejuvenated means you can get on with your day without any extra steps in your morning routine.

We would all love to spend time at a day spa, but a lack of time and money mean it’s not possible for most of us. I like the way Palmolive Luminous Oils is all about a daily touch of luxury. I consciously tried to slow down and make my showering experience more relaxed.

The packaging is luxe – black and gold, and an elegantly curved bottle give a very opulent look – you feel a little bit spoiled using Palmolive Luminous Oils.

Palmolive Luminous Oils is affordable, yet its scent and the feeling of soft, radiant skin from a formula infused with botanical oils make it feel special.

Cloe Willetts, Senior Writer, Woman’s Day

Palmolive Luminous Oils is infused with botanical oils – bliss!

If I can find a body wash that also contains nourishing botanical oils, it’s a bonus for me because as a working mum, I rarely treat myself.

It saves time if I can cleanse and care for my skin all at once! I like that Palmolive Luminous Oils body wash cleanses thoroughly without a grainy or sticky texture.

Skin is delicate, especially as we age, so I don’t like feeling I have to scrub too hard to ensure I’m getting a deep clean. I love how the scent of Palmolive Luminous Oils filled my bathroom with its sweet and invigorating fragrance. I always feel better when I smell great, so this body wash lifted my mood in the morning and put me to bed feeling pampered.

The main drawcard of Palmolive Luminous Oils for me was the smell on my skin. I like that you don’t have to overload on it to achieve a good clean, and that it’s gentle and smooth.

I won’t choose a product purely because it smells good – it has to feel good and work well, without too many additives. I’ll keep this gem on my go-to list!

Zoe Walker, Deputy Editor/Beauty Editor, NEXT magazine

If I’m busy or stressed, a soothing shower is the simplest way to escape and take some time out for myself, without the distraction of work, family and life in general. I always try to add some simple everyday indulgence with nourishing products – and if it’s affordable, like the new Palmolive Luminous Oils (RRP$6.39), even better.

Infused with botanical oils and available in three fragrances, the body wash made my skin feel soft and refreshed – and its invigorating macadamia oil with peony scent left a subtle hint throughout the day. The Luminous Oils are part of a wider beauty trend for products with oils, from body washes to cleansers and hair treatments – I like to think of it as the first simple step in my daily self-care regime.

Nicky Dewe, Editor, Good Health & Wellbeing

There isn’t much time for pampering in the course of a busy day so I always think you need to make the most of those little rituals that make you feel special. Treating yourself to a luxurious shower gel that smells beautiful and feels nourishing is the perfect way to do this! The new Palmolive Luminous Oils body wash is just the ticket and comes in three premium fragrances: Macadamia Oil with Peony, Rejuvenating Fig Oil with White Orchid and Nourishing Avocado Oil with Iris, which will elevate your everyday showering experience. And if you think luxury costs a lot, then you’ll love to know that the Palmolive Luminous Oils has a very affordable price tag of $6.39 (recommended retail price).

Lisa Deken, Account Manager, Fashion Quarterly

Botanical oils are seen quite a lot in facial skincare products now but not so often in body cleansing products, so it was great to find them in this new range of body washes.

Peonies are my favourite flowers, so the Palmolive Luminous Oils Macadamia Oil with Peony blend ticks all the boxes for me, it felt amazing on my skin too.

A body wash like this is a small way to treat yourself and feel good – a little everyday luxury that elevates the average shower and turns it into a mini pamper experience!

The gold details look very glam sitting in the shower and the clear bottles make it easy to see when it’s time to buy a new one.

I was surprised that such a beautiful product was so affordable – I might buy all three and have different options to suit my mood. It’s nice to have something that smells a bit more chic, than a rainforest or a fruit salad! It was more akin to an Eau de Parfum than an everyday body wash.

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