Libby Matthews: My morning beauty routine

Our parenting columnist Libby Matthews shares her morning routine as a busy mum to a three-month-old.

Naturopath, author and co-owner of blog Julia and Libby is a first time mum to daughter Maxwell. Over the coming weeks, she’ll be sharing her progress as she gets to grips with motherhood, and all the changes it involves.

Since having Maxwell at the start of the year, everything about my life has changed. Routines are different; time is more precious.

Like many new mums, my time is no longer my own, and so the way I spend it is all the more important.

Libby Matthews and Maxwell Milou

In the morning when Michael’s at work, I’m juggling getting ready for my day of writing, editing and exercising with Maxwell’s needs, and things can get pretty hectic.

That’s why for this column I thought I’d share my beauty shortcuts that have saved me time each morning, allowing me to get on with my day.

Gone are the days of indulging in a long skincare regime, styling my hair properly and getting everything just so; it’s all about efficiency now.

6am: Once I’ve got up, fed Maxwell, changed her and put her back to sleep, I have a limited window when I can get myself ready before she wants feeding or attention.

I jump in a piping hot shower to steam out my skin, (but these days I leave the door open to hear Max).

6.15am: Once I’m dry I tend to put my hair up in a ‘mum bun’ if I’m planning to work out, and then cleanse my face using Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water.

It’s such a useful product because it takes two minutes to use, and leaves my skin feeling really soft and refreshed. I also like to take a miniature with me in my handbag, as it’s great for a quick cleanse after a gym session.

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I then moisturise, and these days usually pop on Garnier BB Cream. It’s really time-saving as it adds moisture to my skin, plus covers any small blemishes and gives me a nice healthy glow. Plus, it contains SPF 15 so is great if I’m heading out and about. It’s fast and one of the best beauty shortcuts for the time-pressed like me.

6.25am: I moisturise the rest of my body and get dressed for the morning (usually in workout gear) before adding a slick of waterproof mascara and some lip balm if I have time.

I’m always taking pictures and videos as part of my job, so this time spent getting prepped for the day pays off later.

6.40am: It’s big breakfast time to get my body ready for Maxwell’s next feed, so I start my food prep as I fire up the laptop. Here’s to another busy day!

L x

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