The best acne treatments for clearer, happier skin

Say goodbye to breakouts and blemishes with these proven pimple-fighting products

For those of us with acne-prone skin or who suffer from breakouts, we’re always searching for an effective acne treatment to achieve a clearer complexion.

Of course, if you experience severe acne, it’s best to consult a dermatologist. However, if you’re after an at-home skincare saviour for your acne-prone skin, here are the best acne-fighting products, from serums and masks to patches and dietary supplements for maintaining clearer, happier skin.

The best acne treatments for clear skin

Hydrocolloid + Hemp Acne Patches, $19, from Hey Bud

Australian skincare brand Hey Bud is favoured for its simple, botanical-based formulations for clear skin that harness the properties of hemp seed oil. We’re eagerly awaiting the next drop of Hey Bud’s ever-popular, sold-out Acne Clearing Treatment, but in the meantime, its handy acne patches are a quick way to eliminate pesky, painful spots.

Hey Bud’s hemp seed oil-infused acne patches absorb excess fluid, accelerate skin repair, and reduce redness and scarring. For optimal results, cleanse your face thoroughly before use, then wear the patches for six to eight hours (during the day or night).


Clear Skin Tonic with 2% BHA, $53.28, from Alpha-H

Alpha-H offers a raft of acne-fighting skincare products, from a fast-acting spot treatment to a pore-clearing clay mask. However, if you have never tried a liquid exfoliant, we highly recommend incorporating Alpha-H’s Clear Skin Tonic into your skincare routine. You can use it on your face or other areas of the body where breakouts occur, including your back and neck.

The exfoliating tonic contains 2% BHA and gently clears pores of debris and excess oil without drying out the skin. After continued use, you’ll notice an improved, smoother skin texture; many customers say it gives their skin a glow.

The acne-busting tonic is best used after cleansing and before your daily SPF or nighttime moisturiser. Moisten a cotton pad with the solution and sweep over your skin. If you’re new to skincare acids or your skin is sensitive, use the tonic twice a week, building up to daily use if required.


Sea Cucumber Collagen Blemish Defence Serum, $108, from Bescher Beauty

If your key objective is a calmer, more soothed complexion, or your skin is sensitive, this water-based serum from Bescher Beauty is an excellent choice. The serum harnesses the properties of sea cucumber collagen, Vitamin B3, hyaluronic acid and papaya fruit extract for purified and moisturised skin. The sea cucumber collagen also aids the regeneration of skin cells.

Use this gentle serum day and night or as a targeted spot treatment for clear, nourished skin that won’t flake or dry out.


Skin + Digestion Formula, $48, from JSHealth Vitamins

A vegan-friendly supplement that reduces pimples and relieves mild eczema and other skin conditions, Skin + Digestion includes zinc and vitamins B2 and C to maintain and support overall skin health.

The JSHealth Vitamins range is developed by Australian nutritionist Jessica Sepel, and customers rave about Skin + Digestion, saying their skin is clearer with a softer texture. The supplement also alleviates digestive discomfort, helping you to feel confident inside and out. The formulation is easy to ingest — take one tablet with water twice daily and after food.


Supernatural Blemish Serum, $145, from Emma Lewisham

This newly-released serum targeting acne by Aotearoa skincare brand Emma Lewisham packs a punch. Its world first, hero ingredient is a patented live skin probiotic, Micrococcus luteus, that naturally lives on healthy human skin and inhibits pathogenic bacteria like Cutibacterium acnes, which contributes towards the development of acne and blemishes.

We recommend using the pimple-busting serum for a few weeks to see the results, allowing the probiotic to rebalance and colonise your skin. As with all Emma Lewisham skincare products, the Supernatural Blemish Serum is pregnancy-safe and an excellent alternative for those who want to avoid harsh skincare acids.


Starter Reset Program, $198 (usually $213), from PuraU

Aussie gut health supplement brand PuraU is passionate about targeting the root causes of acne and digestive issues by balancing the gut microbiome. Alongside conscious dietary and lifestyle choices, PuraU’s Starter Reset Program aids those experiencing mild acne breakouts and skin redness or inflammation.

The supplements included as part of the program help to reduce pimples and congested pores, not to mention they alleviate gut irritation and support your general wellbeing. A way to treat acne from the inside out, after continuous use, you may even notice improvement in energy levels and reduction of bloating.


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