24 hours with… Shelley Ferguson

The Block host and magazine editor reveals her beauty routine and makeup must-haves.

Morning routine

I have four and five year old boys, so I have approximately 10 minutes to myself every morning if I’m lucky!

I’m actually quite proud of how I’ve become a make-up ninja and refined my technique to the point it’s done to a very presentable standard, fast.

On work days I escape into the bathroom while the boys are scoffing brekky.

First up is a layer of MAC primer. For an everyday look I love YSL Fusion Ink Foundation – it has a velvety texture that’s very flattering post 35!

I use MAC Groundwork Pro Longwear Paintpot on my lids as it’s fast and forgiving, a light layer of eye pencil along my lower lash line applied and smudged with a thin brush, and MAC Falsh Lashes Mascara in Black.

I recently got my brows inked at Lash Noir and it is ah-mazing – they’ve gone from really light to being a zero-effort face framer. Highly recommend it.

Next is a dust of MAC bronzing powder along my cheekbones and MAC Warm Soul Mineralize Blush on the apples of my cheeks.

Days I’m not working I’ll put on Dermalogica Sheer Tint SPF20.

I don’t have time to worry too much about my hair! It can look a bit dry, so if anything I often add a pump of Kerastase hair oil.

The team at D&M are pros at doing my blonde highlights and mid-length layered cut to keep it very low maintenance. They got me onto an amazing treatment, Olaplex, along with Oribe shampoo and conditioner to keep my hair in good condition.

In my handbag i always carry some MAC powder for touch-ups – I’m doing The Block at the moment and learned the hard way that cameras and lighting create shine! Then just a few lipsticks for last minute game if I need it.

If I needed to glam up a daytime look for the evening, MAC bronzing powder is great – I keep it in my bag and apply it in a 3 shape (forehead, cheeks, jawbone) on each side of my face for amateur contouring, along with an extra sweep of blusher on my cheeks.

I also add shadow or pencil along the lower lash line. Next I pull out the lash curler and add a layer of mascara additional to my daytime look. MAC red lip liner and MAC Russian Red lipstick are my fast-glam go-tos.

Night’s out

For a night out, I’ll apply an illuminating cream like MAC Strobe Cream under my foundation for that little skin lift.

Then it’s MAC Pro Longwear Nourishing Waterproof Foundation – it doesn’t budge. You also don’t need concealer with it – one product less is a bonus!

Then my best brightening friend, MAC Pigment Powder in Vanilla.

I use this loose powder as a highlight and just dot it on under the brow line, along the lash line, and in the corner of my eyes. I have very almond shaped eyes, and it helps to open them up.

It even works on the cupids bow and as a highlighter on cheeks (cost per wear is off the charts).

Then I use a beautiful Bobbi Brown or MAC palette that makes it pretty easy to layer shadow in the right order, from taupe as a base to deep browns, bronzes, golds and greys along the creaseline depending on what I’m wearing.

I add MAC Studio Chromographic pencil in white along the inner lower lash line for brightening, plus lower lash liner, and an extra layer of mascara. Oh and red lips. And gold earrings. And kick ass heels. Oh and champagne. Okay now I’m ready to go!

Hair-wise for special occasions, a D&M blow wave makes me feel a million bucks, and lasts days. They also showed me a cool technique using my GHDs – getting medium sections of hair, and alternating the direction you curl each in (one forward, one backward, repeat).

Then quickly straightening the end tip of each section. I end up with a modern tousled look rather than perfect curls which are too girly for me.

I had fertility treatment for my first baby boy, and ever since have had lots of pigmentation.

I don’t think the treatment was the direct cause, but pregnancy and childbirth kickstarts a hormonal rollercoaster for a few years which definitely affected my skin.

I remember after having my second baby, my mum came over and said ‘oh you’ve got some dirt on your face’, and I was like, ‘it may look like baby poop but it’s actually my naked skin.’ As if you don’t have enough to deal with having a newborn and toddler!

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So now the boys are 4 and 5 I’m on a mission to improve it this year and am currently using the Aspect Dr range of products in preparation for possible IPL at The Face Place MedSpa.

Prior to that, I used the Dermalogica skincare range, and absolutely love Prevage Eye Serum and Eye Cream.

I hardly get the chance, but getting a mani pedi and facial is a treat. My besties and I are trying to bring back occasional pamper time after having kids – we’ve met for a couple of massages at East Day Spa which were divine. I love Ecoya candles to up the pamper factor at home.

As I’ve gotten older, my beauty routine has become very same-same, but that’s the way I like it!

At 37, I know what works for me make-up wise, I know what my skin needs, and I know how I feel comfortable and confident, so I do the same thing every day because time is precious. Unless it’s a special occasion look for TV or an event, then I absolutely love to spend more time getting glammed up.

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