What to do when your old hair brush just won’t cut it

Does styling your locks have you tearing your hair out? We’re here to help you brush up on brushes.
Kate Middleton, the Duchess of Cambridge

Despite what you may think, having one hair brush just won’t cut it.

Just like you use different shaped and sized brushes for makeup, so you should have a couple of different hairbrushes to help you create the look you want.

Consider this your hair brush 101… you’re welcome!

Click through to find out just what you need to perfect your look.

Kate Middleton, the Duchess of Cambridge

The Duchess of Cambridge knows how to keep her locks looking princess perfect! Click through to find out the right brush for the right job.

For long, straight hair

Get: A paddle brush

This is the perfect solution for long locks as it will pull through your hair effortlessly. The squared-off design makes sure there will be no waving or curling, and the cushion works to decrease friction and frizz.

Try: Ghd Paddle Brush, $39.

For the perfect blow out

Get: A round bristled brush

Round bristles work to create volume so if you use one of these your hair won’t be flat and lifeless after you’ve used the hairdryer. The other advantage is that, unlike a metal round brush (see below), this one won’t work to curl your hair but will almost bend the ends into shape.

Try: Via Natural Boar Rosewood Round brush, Large, $29.

For the perfect part

Get: The rat-tail comb

While the namemight sound less than enticing, this comb really is the best thing for creating a parting in your hair, whether it’s centre, side or zigzag. Use the pointed end of the comb to get the most precise line possible for partings or for creating separate sections. Then try the comb end to smooth your strands down around the crown of your head. This one is also excellent for backcombing.

Try: Via Shell Tail comb, $5

For finishing

Get: A boar-bristle oval cushioned brush

The natural bristles make this brush good for all hair types, and help to polish strands. It will help smooth down flyaways, brush out curls, and you can softly tease your hair too. Top tip: If you use it each night before bed it will help distribute the natural oils your hair produces – effectively keeping hair looking cleaner, for longer.

Try: Mason Pearson brush Handy Bristle B3 in Dark Ruby, $276.

This is definitely an investment brush and one reason it’s so pricey is because it’s made by hand. Its unique rubber-cushion pad will also work to massage the scalp while you brush.

For creating curls

Get: A ceramic or metal round brush

This vented brush allows air to pass through, which means each strand of hair will be dried from every angle. The hairdryer will also work to heat the metal barrel so it can create a good curl too. Bear in mind this won’t give you a tight spiral curl… think more

of a Kate Middleton-style effortless wave.

Try: Ghd ceramic round brush, $35.

For wet hair

Get: The wet brush

Why? Hair is weaker when wet so it can easily break. This option works well because its flexible teeth glide through the hair. This means knots and tangles are easily dealt to, without painful tugging or breakages. It can also help to distribute shampoo and conditioner evenly.

Try: Tangle Teezer Aqua Splash, $29.

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