How to grow your fringe out

Want to grow out your fringe? Here’s how to do it in style, with no awkward stages.

Growing out your fringe can be tricky. But don’t fret; here are our top tips for getting rid of those unwanted bangs.

Trim time

Many people think that if you want to grow your hair, you shouldn’t let a pair of scissors anywhere near it. In fact, if you have regular micro trims (very small amounts cut off) it actually encourages hair growth. Ideally, you should book in a trim every six weeks. And before you even contemplate a DIY approach – don’t. This is a job that’s best left to the professionals.

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Side part

As your fringe gets longer and hits your eyelids, it’s time to choose sides and change the direction from a middle part to a sweeping side fringe. This may not be your desired look; however, a side fringe is the perfect disguise for hair that’s at an awkward length. When hair is wet, apply a medium-hold styling gel or cream to your fringe, then part and smooth it to the desired side. Brushing to one side while blow-drying also encourages it to sit the way you want.

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Band it

Sometimes you just want your fringe out of your face, and the best way to do this is to don a headband. Simply spritz your fringe with hairspray and put the headband on. For best results, choose one with teeth that will comb back your hair and ensure no shorter parts of your fringe escape. And remember, you don’t have to wear your hair down; a headband or headscarf looks great with a top knot or pony tail.

Redken Flex Shape Factor 22, $36: This product is perfect for shorter hairstyles and will prevent any rogue strands from sticking up.

Do the twist

Try twisting and rolling the lengths of your fringe inwards and tucking it along your hairline. Secure the roll near your ear using a bobby pin. Alternatively, a plait can work in the same way. Use a heavy-duty paste to make sure all the little hairs don’t stick up or unravel halfway through the day.

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Embrace dry shampoo

We all know dry shampoo is a saviour for greasy hair – but you may not realise it also adds texture and hold. This is exactly what you need when you’re trying to grow out your fringe. Spritz a little dry shampoo throughout the lengths of your bangs, and then style as normal. You’ll be surprised at how obedient your fringe will be.

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