Could this drinkable supermarket item be the secret to good hair?

A celebrity hair stylist claims that this is the key to getting your best hair ever.

Washing your hair can be such a chore, and sometimes it’s hard to know if you are over-washing or under-washing.

Well, one hairdress has gotten to the bottom of once and for all, and it turns out washing your hair with bottled mineral water might just be the secret to stronger strands.

In an interview with Fantastic Man, celebrity hair stylist Sam McKnight (who is known for working with Princess Diana and Madonna), claims that rinsing your hair with mineral water after washing it is “crucial for washing out the hard water and helps to balance the pH of your scalp”.

Hard water, which is common in areas of Sydney, Brisbane and Adelaide, is water with a high-mineral content, including calcium and magnesium. Water hardness can vary throughout each city due to different water-catchment supplies.

“Hard water contains higher levels of calcium and magnesium, which can bond to the hair,” McKnight tells The Guardian.

When these minerals bond to your hair, they can make it brittle, dull and unmanageable.

“It can affect how hair absorbs and responds to products, so could potentially prevent your treatments from working as best as they could,” he says.

Basically, as The Guardian reports, by rinsing your hair with soft water from a bottle, you remove the build-up of minerals from the hard water, making your hair soft again. It might also improve the efficacy of treatment and styling products you use after.

In hard water, products don’t lather as much as in soft water, so you could be overusing your shampoo. This could lead to excessive product use, and might agitate your scalp which could lead to imbalances and irritation.

All in all, you could try rinsing your hair with bottled mineral water after each shower, but it might be better to speak to your hairdresser if you have scalp or hair concerns.

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