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Fashion Week – Day Three

Louise Richardson rounds up day three at NZ Fashion Week.
nz fashion week, salasai
nz fashion week, salasai

Another day, another dollar, here at New Zealand Fashion Week. Well at least we hope so. The designers exhibiting their winter 2013 collections are very hopeful of a good return of course, but it’s a lovely preview for those of us in the crowd too. At Salasai the vibe is funky, the colours pure.

A model showcases designs by Charlie Brown

Later, Australian designer Charlie Brown’s collection entranced me. I like these clothes – I wear this label and have done for years. Now I’m so excited, I’ll be camping outside their Newmarket store for months. This was a genuinely enchanting show in every way. Media discretion might say I shouldn’t mention the poor model whose feet gave way under hopelessly tall stilettos, but hey, we’re all human. And frankly, her supreme bravery cemented Charlie Brown’s lively brand in my brain!

A model showcases designs by Annah Stretton

Annah S was exhibiting her designs for next year – complete with 1950s siren-inspired, gorgeous, modern interpretations – but she took us all back through her 20-year exhibition history too, complete with the boar head that horrified some old-time fashionistas who’d seen it all before – and thought they’d moved on!

PS: Reader, I loved it!

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