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How to make your handbag last longer, according to Briarwood

They go with us everywhere and hold all our essentials. Here’s how to care for your most vital accessory.
How to make your handbag last longer, with Briarwood

Briarwood has been crafting fine leather handbags and footwear for over 22 years and company director Ange Marshall has picked up a few care tips along the way.

“Just like your skin, the more you take care and nourish your bag, the better it will look,” she says.

Here Marshall shares her best suggestions for keeping your handbag in fighting form, including what to do if you and your bag get caught in wild weather.


“Good quality leather handbags can get better with age if they are properly cared for. I love the naked, soft finish of untreated, natural leather but it needs extra special care.

“We recommend regular conditioning of your bag to keep the leather supple and bright.

“At Briarwood, we use Collonil Lotion. This not only protects the leather but also allows it to breathe.”


“Keeping your bag in a dustcover when not in use is extremely beneficial as it protects it from dust and moisture that can cause mold.”


“Try and store your bag in a warm, dry place but never near direct sunlight.

“Leather is just like your skin ¬– it dries out and fades in prolonged sunlight.

“When one of your handbags does go for an outing with you, it’s best to perched on a chair, rather than collapsed on the floor.”

Wet weather SOS

“If you are unlucky enough to get caught in a heavy downpour, either wipe the water off your bag with a cloth or use your hands to disperse it.

“If water sits too long on leather, it will absorb causing the finish to become raised. Usually a good conditioning will remove this.”

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