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What’s a Nefertiti neck lift?

For those who want a neck like an Egyptian princess.

A smooth, elegant neck has always been a coveted feature – think of the swan-like beauty of Audrey Hepburn and Elizabeth Taylor – so if minimising the appearance of bands around your neck and toning a sagging jawline are your aim, look no further than the Nefertiti Lift, available at The Cosmetic Clinic in Auckland.

“The name actually refers to the Egyptian princess Nefertiti who was renowned for her long, elegant neck,” says Rosa Guthrie, head of operations and part-owner of The Cosmetic Clinic.

So what does it involve? Either Botox or Dysport are injected into multiple sites along the platysma muscles, which run from the lower chin and jaw down the sides of the neck and can be major depressors of the lower face.

“The injections are superficial and relatively painless and the product quickly kicks in between three and seven days, relaxing the muscles,” says Guthrie. “Unlike traditional treatments to the frown, forehead or crow’s feet that reduce wrinkles, this treatment focuses on changing facial contouring.”

Prices for the Nefertiti Lift start from $325 and, depending on the dose, you can expect the results to last for three to five months.

*Words: Elise Wilson, Simply You

Photo: 123RF Stock Photo*

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