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Wedding blogger Megan Hutchison’s beauty routine

Megan Hutchison, founder of popular lifestyle blog She Said Yes, reveals her go-to beauty products.

Morning routine

I don’t like to spend a long time getting ready and I love to be bare-faced, so great skincare is absolute key for me. I travel a lot both for work and play, and love to be able to start the day in a new city with just a few minutes in the bathroom.

I use one of a couple of cleansers, and always with Skin Sonic – a vibrating silicone cleansing tool. I spend one minute massaging the cleanser into my face with it, either Dermalogica essential cleansing solution, or Lancome miel-en-mousse, and then wash with cold water to wake me up.

Skin Sonic boosts skin’s circulation so I’ll have a natural glow and look alive, even before my morning coffee. I spritz with Kiehls cactus flower hydrating mist before applying Dermalogica pure bright serum and pure light SPF50 moisturiser, both of which are great for pigmentation.

Unless I have a formal event that day, I won’t wear any make-up, saving it for days when I have time to enjoy applying it, or when I need a pick-me-up and feel like looking glam.

It’s great to have a low-maintenance baseline, as it’s easy to step it up a notch when I need to.

Out and about

Mascara and highlighter are the most transformative products in my beauty bag, I love the difference it makes to open and feature my eyes with mascara, and instantly take my skin from dull to dewy with a swipe of illuminator.

The absolute best mascara I have come across (and I’ve tried many!) is Lancome Monsiuer Big, and I’ve never met a highlight I didn’t want to bathe in, but I can’t go past any by MAC, or Estee Lauder’s genuine glow range.

Often the biggest change I’ll make from day to night is with my hair – turning my low-maintenance pony into Hollywood waves, loose curls or a sleek, straight ‘do.

Having good hair makes me feel glossy and glamorous, I go to Loxy’s every six weeks to take care of it, and use Olaplex and Kerastase treatments as often as I can at home.

For make-up, I’m frequently changing my look from day to night on the run, whether coming from the gym or a daytime event, so I always have a mascara and highlighter to hand and a selection of lipsticks, which are often known to double as my blush.

If I’m prepared enough, I may already be wearing Estee Lauder Double-wear Foundation, which lasts all day and night with ease, but if not, I’ll go sans foundation, even for night, though I’ll use a concealer if I really need it.

Nights out

As I spend so little time doing my make-up day-to-day, I take my time and luxuriate in the process of doing it for a special event.

My favourite make-up to use are my YSL– there’s something about the shiny gold compact cases that makes me feel dressed up before I’ve even begun, and I’m always happy with the results.

Of course, YSL Touche Eclat is a no-brainer, and my favourite blush is YSL Blush Volupte, it’s so beautiful with just a little shimmer.

I love that big-eyed Jessica Rabbit look, and I wear lashes by Manicare or XO Beauty.

Evening routine

This is my favourite part of my beauty routine, I find it such a pleasure, and so relaxing – I don’t like to rush my evening wind-down.

I use Skin Sonic again, this time with Dermalogica Precleanse Balm, which is the best feeling. Sonic is a really effective cleansing and exfoliating tool, and combined with the balm, just melts off the day’s make-up, sunscreen, dirt and sweat.

Following that, I cleanse and mist as I do in the morning, and then I will apply either the same C-10 Serum, or Kiehls new Vitamin C Line-Reducing Concentrate, which smells delicious!

Finally, my two favourite Dermalogica products, Pure Night Cream, and Phyto Replenish Oil, they both just glide onto my skin and it instantly feels glowy and hydrated.

Beauty favourites

I had my first facial in my mid-twenties, and I wish I’d started sooner. As my skin ages (and changes) it’s so beneficial to have a professional opinion, and to have products professionally recommended, rather than just buying the brands who are marketing to me.

I also think about diet and nutrition more as part of a holistic approach to beauty – the old adage ‘you are what you eat’ is so true when it comes to your skin.

About Face have the most incredible Pure Fiji Guava Wrap treatment, it is honestly the most luxurious, relaxing feeling – one that everybody deserves to experience after a stressful week (I feel like I need one every week!)

My husband has surprised me a couple of times by booking massages for me, I can’t think of anything I love more than that. The Pullman Spa, and East Day Spa are both favourites for pampering.

I love going to Louise Gray skincare for regular facials, she knows absolutely everything about skincare, including nutrition and supplements for skin.

Loxy’s in Ponsonby is my go-to for hair, I’ve had a couple of bad experiences with hair being damaged at other salons, so I know I’m in safe hands with Kate and her team.

Megan Hutchison is the founder of lifestyle blog She Said Yes.

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