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The secret to making your perfume last longer

It’s one of the more indulgent beauty purchases we make – so it only makes sense to ensure it goes as far as it possibly can.
Make your perfume last longer

Make your perfume last longer

There’s nothing quite as feminine as a spritz of your favourite scent on the nape of your neck. But equally, it’s pretty frustrating when you spend over a hundred dollars on something that runs out in next to no time.

Luckily, Mark Knitowski, who works in product development for Victoria’s Secret Beauty, has revealed how you can make sure your perfume goes the distance.

“The best way to keep your fragrance fresh is to store it in a cool, unlit space, like a refrigerator,” Mark told Byrdie magazine.

“It can make the fragrance last up to two years longer,” Mark claims.

Why you ask? Because when fragrance is exposed to heat and sunlight, it loses intensity as the heat breaks it down, meaning the more you store your perfume in the fridge, the better the smell will remain.

Help your perfume last longer with these top tips

Other ways to keep make your perfume last longer

1.) Rub Vaseline on your pulse points before spraying. The Vaseline will hold the fragrance on your skin longer.

2.) Spray straight out of the shower. Many of us leave perfume till the last moment before rushing out the door, but actually spraying it onto slightly moist skin following a shower will help it stick.

3.) Spray lightly on your hairbrush and run over the hair – for a beautifully fresh smelling mane.

4.) Apply at pulse points. Most people know this, but the reason for rubbing on your pulse points is that these tend to be warmer, and the heat will help to release the scent.

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