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Q & A with ‘The Brow Gal’ Tonya Crooks

The celebrity eyebrow guru gives us her tips on shaping our brows.
Tonya Crooks

She’s known in LA as ‘The Brow Gal’ and now the brow guru, who is the choice of celebrities like Megan Fox, Fergie and Gwyneth Paltrow, has brought her range to New Zealand’s About Face salons.

Here are her tips for the best way to shape our brows ourselves.

  1. Brush your brows up to determine their natural shape.

  2. Fill in the shape with your colour of eyebrow pencil, using short strokes to emulate the look of hair.

  3. Brush through the brows again to blend the colour.

  4. Trim the natural shape with scissors.

  5. Remove unwanted hairs with tweezers, in the direction of hair growth so as not to break off the hair at the root.

  6. Take one last brush through the brow using the brow brush.

  7. Apply the highlighter pencil 1 mm below the brow to accentuate your arch, blend through with a brush or a finger, to create the appearance of a thicker brow.

  8. Apply the clear, water resistant gel to set the shape.

Try: The BrowGal brow pencils, $44.95, from About Face

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