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My beauty secrets: Emma Keeling

Emma Keeling (39) is a reporter on TV2’s 20/20.
Emma Keeling

My beauty philosophy is…

You don’t have to spend a fortune to have good skin. Wash it, clean it and keep it hydrated.

The skincare products I can’t live without are…

Olay Total Effects Moisturiser (1), any kind of lip balm and sunblock.

My haircare secret is…

I don’t have one. I have fine hair, which is a nightmare. Humidity and rain can turn me into a frizz ball. If it wasn’t for widescreen TV, my head would not fit on the screen.

The products I always have in my make-up bag are… Television can be cruel so I always carry L’Oréal Paris True Match Foundation (2).

I have little eyes so L’Oréal Paris Infallible Eyeliner (3) and Volume Million Lashes Mascara (4) helps them to stand out. Lipstick wise, I love L’Oréal Paris Made For Me Naturals with a bit of gloss to liven things up. However, this can backfire if it’s windy because my hair cannot be controlled and delights in gluing itself to my lips.

My favourite beauty treat is…

A facial. I have a very expressive face and talk for a living. It’s probably the only time my face is completely still.

My biggest beauty sin is…

Some nights I am too tired to wash my face. I just hope the foundation has worn off after talking to people all day. Yes,

I know this isn’t the case. I’m tired, not stupid.

The best thing my mother taught me about beauty was…

Keep it simple. Good genes definitely play a part in great skin. Mum was a professional dancer in England so wore a lot of make-up on stage. Despite that, she has amazing skin and doesn’t look her age. She always used Ponds to cleanse

and moisturise.

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