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How to style your hair in summer

Too hot to blow dry? on hot summer days, leave your dryer in the drawer and go for a more casual look.

Long hair: Comb some leave-in conditioner or curl-enhancing cream through your hair while it’s damp, then pull it back as though making a pony-tail. Twist tail into a coil and then clip it on top of your head. once hair is dry, remove the clip and you should have tousled waves. Finger-comb rather than using a comb or brush or you’ll break up the waves and turn your sexy style into a bush!

Short hair: Roughly dry your hair, then work through a small amount of styling wax for a casual summery look.

Evening hair: If you’ve got long hair, then pull it up at the sides and hold in place with a couple of hair grips. This works especially well if you’ve been using the tousled look in the daytime. For shorter hair, finger-comb into a side parting, tuck behind ears and spray with a light hairspray. Pretty pins, flowers and combs add instant glamour to either style.

Too lazy – or too busy – to wash your hair? Second-day hair can look just as good as freshly washed with the help of a few renewing techniques.For tousled-looking long hair, dampen slightly then try twisting it into small knots or buns or twisting it and sleeping on it.

For a morning quick-fix, spritz on a light shine tonic, twist your hair and give it a quick blast with the hairdryer.

If your hair suffers from summertime frizz and fluffiness, mist water over it using a spray bottle, then work a light conditioning serum through the lengths and ends of your hair. Avoid adding any product to the roots as you won’t want extra oiliness there.

If you have short hair, finger-comb it, then blow dry without washing. Use the tiniest amount of moulding cream to provide definition.

If your hair is looking oily, sprinkle some dry shampoo onto the roots and then brush out.

**The perfect pony

**To get the perfect ponytail, start with sleek, smooth hair. oist all over with a lightweight shine spray. Hold nozzle 10cm away from your head and mist the crown and roots. Run a paddle brush from roots to ends to distribute the product evenly.

Sweep hair back with the brush. Secure it on the back of your head in line with your ears – don’t go any higher. Avoid pulling it too tight and don’t use too much product. Instead, focus on pushing the sides tighter to your head with your hands as you secure it.

Loosen the look by pulling out a few loose strands around the hairline.

If you want to disguise your hair elastic, separate a small piece of hair from the underside of the pony before tying up. Coat the section with a dot of wax, wrap firmly around the elastic band and secure the end beneath the pony with a pin that matches your hair.

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